Thursday, January 05, 2006

Security Tools for Eclipse from alphaWorks

I recently found IBM alphaworks security lifecycle management tools for the eclipse platform. I was not able to run the tool in eclipse platform or WebSphere studio. Turns out that the tools were tested only on Rational Software Architect and Rational Application Developer. When run on RSA the tools run just fine and personally, I found the Tivoli Access Manager API code samples, which can be accessed through the right-click menu, quite useful (well, that's what I have been working for quite some time now). Apart from the code samples for the TAM API, the download also comes with some good documentation about the utilities and best practices for using the TAM API. A sample project is aslo provided, which illustrates the use of WebSEAL Extended Authentication Interface (EAI). I did not look into the WebSEAL trace analyzer that is a part of the security tools download.
The tools are available for download on alphaWorks.


  1. Hi,
    We have missing PDPrincipal problem with WAS 6.0 also.
    Initially subject returns PDPrincipal but it is not available later at some point.

    Assuming that WAS 6.0 handles all those fixes made in WAS (PK00852)


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