Saturday, December 10, 2005

TAM Configuration

Tivoli Access Manager Configuration Steps for using AznAPI:
1.) Configure AMRTE
2.) Configure AMJRTE (This will install the necessary library files on the system.)
3.) Use SvrSslCfg to create the properties and keystore files.
4.) Copy the .properties file to file in websphere java/jre directory.
5.) Make sure the .properties file points to the correct keystore(.ks) file.

Co-locating Tivoli Access Manager with websphere
1.) Configure AMRTE
2.) Configure AMJRTE
3.) Configure AM Authz Server
4.) Use SvrSslCfg to obtain the appropriate properties and keystore files and copy them to the appropriate directories as mentioned above.
5.) Use the local authz server while using SvrSslCfg. Alternatively just modify the "appsvr-authzsvrs" variable in the properties file to point to the local authz server.
6.) While configuring the Authz Server, the AMRTE had to be re-configured. The reason for having to do so, has not been identified.
Note: If the connection to the authz server is broken in the process of authorization,then the authz server does not throw an exception but simply returns false to the authz query.

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