Saturday, December 10, 2005

Turn Off WAS Global Security

If you happen to forget WebSphere administrative console password, or are locked out due to user registry problems etc and cannot login to your admin console, you may want to turn off WebSphere Application Server global security from outside the administrative console so that you can login to admin console. To do so you can either change the security.xml file of WAS or use the wsadmin tool for it.
Using WAS command-line client wsadmin (run with root privileges):
1. Open a connection to local WAS in offline mode

wsadmin -conntype NONE

2. Turn off global security

wsadmin> securityoff

3. Save

wsadmin> $AdminConfig save

Originally documented by
Bill Higgins and Bobby Woolf.The only other alternative is to modify the WAS_HOME\config\cells\cellname\security.xml file in your was directy


  1. Thanks a was a gr8 somehow my WAS stopped connecting to LDAP andd WAS was not getting started. after turning off securiy i resolved it.

  2. Thank you for that note! It was very useful! I had a problem when I could not log in to admin console and I had to disable global security as workaround.

  3. It is great help to me because I am not able to login into Admin Console.
    I really appreciate this workaround.


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