Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spring 2 and JPA tutorials

A new tutorial on Developerworks,"Introduction to Spring 2 and JPA" discusses the use of Spring 2 framework and Java Persistence API (JPA). You will build a Web application from scratch, step by step, assisted by the Spring 2 framework.
This tutorial does not attempt to cover all of Spring 2's features and options. Instead, it focuses narrowly on one proven approach to server application development using Spring. You will proceed through a complete "from concept to application" cycle, including:
  • Performing domain analysis
  • Coding business objects and services
  • Unit testing of business objects
  • Adding data access code painlessly to business objects using Spring JPA
  • Implementing your services using Spring DAO (data access object)
  • Coding integration tests for your services against DB2 Express-C
  • Creating controllers for a Spring Model-View-Controller (MVC) based user interface
  • Designing views for the user interface
  • Creating a deployable WAR file of your application
  • Configuring and deploying your application on the Apache Tomcat server
The following is a list of other related articles for different application server environments

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  1. I just completed the Introduction to Spring 2 and JPA tutorial and wanted to now expand it to allow me to have a form that I could use to edit the employee data. I made use of SimpleFormController and basically got the changed values in

    public ModelAndView onSubmit(Object command)
    throws ServletException {
    Employee emp = ((Employee) command);

    Then I create an Employee and set all the changed values
    Employee employ = employeeService.findById(emp.getEmpid());
    eg. employ.setFirstName(firstName);
    But when I do the

    Nothing is altered in the database!

    I am really stuck and was wondering if there was either a tutorial that went one step further showing how to actually the update and save methods or what I am not doing here


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