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Friday, December 15, 2006

Java Updates

Sun released updates for Java EE SDK and Java Application Platform SDK. They can be downloaded from here. These new versions bundle JDK 6 and are fully tested with JDK 6 as well
as JDK 5. The Java Application Platform SDK includes Sun Java System Access Manager (7.1 Beta), JBI Runtime with BPEL from project Open ESB and a beta version of Portlet Container to enable development and testing of JSR 168 portlets. Developer content such as Java EE 5 samples, blueprints, tutorial and API javadocs are also included. Sun Java System Application Server (9.0 Update 1 Patch 1) based on Project Glassfish is included in the SDK. This is the only SPECjAppServer result published so far on an open-source application server. It is also the first and only SPECjAppServer result published on an application server that is certified to the Java EE 5 specification. The Java EE Tools bundle has also been refreshed to use the Java Application Platform SDK Update 2.

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