Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OpenJDK and JavaFX

Java is now completely open source. The JDK source code is now available through the OpenJDK project. According to the marketing manager of the OpenJDK project Rich Sands, Developers can,
... learn how the JDK is put together, fix that bug that's been 
driving you nuts, join the conversations in the mailing lists,
start or participate in projects to improve the implementation.
It's good to see that the governing body consists of not just Sun employees.

On a related note, Sun has announced the new JavaFX product family. Following Adobe's Flex, and Microsoft's Silverlight, JavaFX script is another product for building rich internet applicaitons. JavaFX Mobile is a complete mobile operating and application environment built around Java and Linux. JavaFX Mobile includes support for Java ME applications and other standard Java APIs.

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