Monday, March 13, 2006

Java based blog server

Roller is a Java based blog server. It is in Apache incubator as of now. Roller drives Sun Microsystem's employee blogging site, the Javalobby's JRoller Java community site, and hundreds of other sites. If you want to set up a blog server for yourself or for several thousand of your closest friends, then Roller is the perfect choice. Roller supports most of the common weblogging features such as
  • Group blogging
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Rich-text editing
  • Customizable tamplates
  • Comment Management and Moderation
  • Trackbacks with verification
  • Referrers
  • Blogroll management
  • XML-RPC interface for blogging clients such as ECTO, MarsEdit and w:bloggar.
  • Security is implemented using Acegi security.
  • Includes a pluggable and configurable LRU cache, which can be monitored using the Cache Info page.
A project Wiki is also available.


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