Thursday, March 09, 2006

JBoss Cache

JBoss has released the a Beta version of JBoss cache 1.3. JBoss cache is designed to run on any J2SE environment. Here is a list of features offered by JBoss cache:
  • Optimistic node locking
  • Invalidation instead of replication
  • Improved CacheLoader performance
  • Ability to ‘chain’ more than one CacheLoader
  • A new ‘Options’ API, allowing configuration overriding on a per-invocation basis
  • A new ‘ClusterCacheLoader’ that treats a remotely running caches in the same cluster as a cache loader source
  • JDBCCacheLoader with improved compatibility with MySQL JDBC drivers
  • Replication performance enhancements with JGroups 2.2.9
Supports three scenarios:
  • Local cache, without any replication.
  • Replicated cache, using non-blocking, asynchronous replication.
  • Replicated cache, using blocking, synchronous replication.
Caching in JBoss cache seems to lean toward AOP and hence, I am will not get into that, just yet.

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