Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oracle SQL Developer: Free Database Development Tool

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle(r) SQL developer, a new, free, database developement tool. Oracle SQL developer simplifies development cycles and reduces the need to buy third-party tools for developing and debugging SQL and PL/SQL code. The Oracle SQL developer product is developed in Java and hence runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. SQL developer can be installed on the Database Server and developers can connect remotely from their workstations. Oracle SQL developer offfers features to assist developers perform tasks such as
  • Object browsing and creation
  • Running SQL statements and SQL scripts
  • Editing and debugging PL/SQL code
  • Viewing and updating data
  • Allows deveopers to build custom reports.
  • Includes a code formatter and code snippets.
This tool is available for Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i database release 2. You can download Oracle SQL developer here. An Online help document [PDF] is also provided. A 5 step tutorial to connect to Oracle XE is provided on the site.

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