Monday, October 16, 2006

Hibernate 3.2

The Hibernate developer team released Hibernate 3.2.0 GA, this release is certified compliant with the Java Persistence API. In addition to JPA compliance, hibernate adds new query capabilities, declarative data filters, Hibernate Annotations, Hibernate EntityManager and optimistic locking in a cluster with JBoss Cache. The Hibernate Java Persistence provider has been certified with the Sun TCKThe Hibernate 3.2 release includes:
  • Natural programming model - Hibernate supports natural OO idiom; inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java collections framework
  • Support for fine-grained object models - a rich variety of mappings for collections and dependent objects
  • No build-time bytecode enhancement - there's no extra code generation or bytecode processing steps in your build procedure
  • Extreme scalability - Hibernate is extremely performant, has a dual-layer cache architecture, and may be used in a cluster
  • The query options - Hibernate addresses both sides of the problem; not only how to get objects into the database, but also how to get them out again
  • Support for "conversations" - Hibernate supports both long-lived persistence contexts, detach/reattach of objects, and takes care of optimistic locking automatically
  • Free/open source - Hibernate is licensed under the LGPL (Lesser GNU Public License)
  • EJB 3.0 - Hibernate implements the Java Persistence management API and object/relational mapping options, two members of the Hibernate team are active in the expert group
  • Hibernate Annotations offers several packages of JDK 5.0 code annotations that developers can use to map classes, as a replacement or in addition to XML metadata.

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