Monday, October 16, 2006

Tibco GI now opensource

TIBCO General Interface is a AJAX rich internet application (RIA) toolkit that lets organizations capitalize on the lower costs of Web applications while delivering the rich graphical look and feel of desktop-installed software and components. General Interface helps you in creating sophisticated web-based applications that run in a standard web browser without plug-ins, Active-X controls, Java applets or client-side software installation. Now, Tibco released Tibco General Interface (GI) 3.2 Beta, which is opensourced under the BSD license. Tibco GI, version 3.2 introduces several major features:
  • New BSD license
  • Firefox 1.5 support
  • powerful new components
  • New Matrix control combines Tree, List and Edit Grid capabilities and adds large data set scrolling and pagination tuners
  • Chart package implemented in SVG to enable execution in Firefox without a plug-in
  • Load-time optimizations with smaller initial footprint
  • API and visual tooling enhancements throughout
  • Lots more as described in the release notes

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