Monday, October 30, 2006

Strecks 1.0 released

Strecks a set of Java 5-specific extensions Struts framework, was released from beta on friday. Strecks, is annotation based and adds a number of modern features to Struts-based applications, including POJO actions, dependency injection, declarative validation and data binding, interceptors, pluggable views, as well as seamless Spring integration. It is also highly extensible and amenable to test driven development. The following is a brief list of features available in Strecks 1.0:
  • Pure POJO action beans with zero framework dependencies
  • Annotation-based dependency injection (typed request parameters, session attributes, Spring beans, and many others)
  • Converters and validators type-parameterized using Java 5 generics
  • Mechanisms for facilitating use of redirect after post pattern
  • Support for rendering using Spring MVC Views and View Resolvers
  • Pre- and post- action interceptors, with access to dependency resolved action beans as well as full runtime context
  • Works on the unchanged Struts 1.2.x and 1.3.x code bases.
  • Actions, form validation and data conversion easily testable with plain unit tests, with no additional test libraries required.

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