Thursday, July 20, 2006

Weblogic Workshop Studio 3.2

The latest version of BEA Weblogic Workshop Studio has been upgraded to core Eclipse platform, version 3.2 and the Web Tools Project(WTP) version 1.5 (Part of the Callisto release).Following is a list of new features:
  • Upgrade to Eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5 (the Callisto release of June 30/2006)
  • Updated Spring support -- automatic generation of Spring artifacts from O/R mappings
  • Improved Kodo support: a Kodo facet, integrated Kodo development license, Kodo tutorial
  • Support the final EJB 3.0 spec for persistence.
Improved Debugging features include:
  • Hot deployment
  • Manual deployment
  • Remote debugging
There are some important improvements to infrastructure. Libraries for Hibernate, Kodo, Spring and Struts are downloaded on first use. You can get a discount code on Bill Roth's blog.

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  1. Have you ever heard about IntelliJ Idea IDE for Java development, it seems to be much cooler than Eclipse RCP.


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