Monday, July 10, 2006

Single Sign-On with JA-SIG CAS

The JA-SIG Central Authentication Service was originally developed by Yale University. It has since become a JA-SIG project. JA-SIG CAS provides the following features for web applications and also to non web based services which have a web front end
  • Single sign-on across multiple web applications, as well as to core services that aren't necessarily web-based but have a web front end.
  • Allow untrusted services offered by organizations other than ITS to authenticate users without having access to their passwords.
  • Simplify procedures that applications need to follow in order to perform authentication.
  • Localize authentication to a single web application, which makes it easier for users to safeguard their passwords and which lets ITS change authentication logic if necessary without having to change numerous applications.
  • Acegi Security framework provides integration with CAS for implementing Single Sign-On for applications implementing acegi security.

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